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A House Fire Is A Devastating Blow: Reach Out For Help

Maybe you saw the flames, maybe you returned to your Irmo home to be greeted by the firefighters. Perhaps it was an out-of-the-blue phone call from the fire marshal. But you will never forget that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize your home was literally on fire!

In addition to possible physical injuries, we at Sincerely Yours are aware that residential fires can lead to significant emotional distress. A fire involves not only the loss of your residence, but also many valuables: photo albums, important documents and treasured objects. Most importantly, though, the home is your place of security, comfort and safety. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), this sense of security can also be lost. The fire can significantly disrupt the normality of daily life.

A trauma like this leaves an imprint on the brain. For example, research studies consistently show that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is linked to greater activity in brain areas that process fear and less activation in parts of the prefrontal cortex.

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Common emotional reactions

Losing, or almost losing, a home will cause significant emotional distress. You should not underestimate the challenge of evacuation, relocation and rebuilding after a fire. It is common for people to experience several stages of adjustment including shock, anger, depression and hopelessness. Ultimately, however, people can reach a stage of acceptance and become able to move beyond disbelief, bitterness and sadness. Positive feelings can begin to re-emerge as the focus shifts towards the future. When you feel that safety, security and comfort have been regained, your life will move forward once again.

Recovery and coping

In the middle of a crisis, it can become difficult to take care of yourself with so many other worries on your mind. However, this is a good time to think about your personal resiliency, healing and a sense of normality. This has been a disaster and you need to give yourself a break:

  1. Practice proven stress reducing techniques like exercise, yoga, stretching and meditation.

  2. Allow yourself to release emotion; crying is completely appropriate.

  3. Don?t feel guilty for having good days; you can have periods of joy even when coping with extreme stress.

  4. Focus on making small decisions daily; feel in control of your life everyday.

  5. Avoid big life changing decisions right now; keep your job, don?t accept new projects

  6. Talk about your ordeal with friends and family; utilize your support system.

  7. Try to maintain normal eating and sleeping schedules. Have some soup, eat your veggies.

Hire Experts in Irmo

When recovering, it is important to hire trusted, experienced experts. If you?ve been affected by a house fire, contact the Sincerely Yours restoration specialists. While you take care of the family, your pets, and their health, Sincerely Yours will get to work on your house. Using state-of-the-art drying equipment, thermal imaging, and structural drying, they will restore your home or business to the highest quality standards.

Sincerely Yours has been handling home emergencies since 1959 in the Irmo/Columbia area. Count on their expertise and historic flood experience to serve you with the fastest, easiest cleanup possible.

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