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Disinfection Services

We can help prevent the spread of viruses for your local business, employees and customers with disinfection services in Columbia and surrounding areas.

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Columbia's Disinfection Service Experts

Learn more about our disinfection services! We work with schools and universities, office buildings, assisted living facilities, hotels and conference facilities and more. Schedule your disinfection service today!

Disinfection Services

RESTROOMS: Cleaned and disinfected-Includes doors, handrails, dispensers, mirrors, sinks, fixtures, toilet/urinal, partitions etc.

OFFICE AREAS: High touch areas sanitized (phones, doorknobs, keyboards, etc)

KITCHENS: Counter tops, tables, microwave handles, refrigerator handles, chairs and all other high touch areas.

PUBLIC AREAS, CONFERENCE ROOMS, ETC: Clean and disinfect door handles, phones, counter tops, stairwell railings, light switches, water fountains, elevator buttons and any other area that is considered a HIGH TOUCH AREA.

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