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Residential & Commercial Drapery Cleaning

Protect your draperies with routine cleaning! We offer high-quality drapery cleaning in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.

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Columbia's Drapery Cleaning Experts

Protect your draperies today by scheduling a routine cleaning! Our cleaning process is gentle enough to prevent any damage on delicate or rare fabrics, and effective enough to keep them feeling cleaning and smelling fresh! Sincerely Yours guarantees that you will not have to worry about your beautiful draperies tearing, shrinking, or shredding when you put them in our capable hands! 

Routine Maintenance

Adding draperies to your home or business can add an extra touch of class and elegance, but if they become dirty and dingy it could cause a negative impact on the overall feel and look. Draperies tend to collect all of the dust, dirt, and debris that are present and start to look worn and discolored. To keep your draperies looking amazing, be sure to schedule a routine cleaning with Sincerely Yours. Routine cleanings can increase the lifespan of your draperies and protect your investment. It is best to schedule a cleaning every 6-12 months to ensure proper care. 

Why Hire Sincerely Yours?

The professionals at Sincerely Yours have the appropriate expertise and equipment in order to properly determine the best and most effective methods to use to thoroughly clean and restore any kind of drapery. Our drapery cleaning process is specifically designed to clean soiled drapery while still being gentle enough to prevent any damage on delicate or rare fabrics.

When it comes to cleaning custom window treatments, nobody can beat Sincerely Yours. Extend the life and color of your drapes, valances, cornice boards, swags and even stage draperies with cleaning by our trained professionals. We can clean your window treatments at your home or business when applicable alleviating aggravation with taking your treatments down and putting them back up.

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