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Residential & Commercial Water Damage


Our team is on-call 24/7 to provide emergency water extraction, drying, and cleanup of any water damage situation in your home or business.

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Water Disaster in Your Home?

Call Columbia's Water Disaster Relief Team

Our team is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency water extraction, drying, and cleanup of any water damage situation. We specialize in: 

  • Pipe bursts

  • Pipe leaks

  • Toilet Overflows

  • Bathtub Overflows

  • Appliance Leaks

  • Sewage backups

  • Basement Floods

  • Storm Flooding

When a water disaster happens, we are determined to make the process easier for you to get through. With our help, we will make sure that your home or business is safely dried and restored to pre-loss condition, all while working with your insurance to make sure the experience goes smoothly. If any of your personal belongings have been damaged, we will work diligently to salvage any of the items possible. Your property is in the best care when you work with the experienced and skilled team at Sincerely Yours! 

Our water damage restoration specialists use state-of-the-art drying equipment, including thermal imaging. We perform all restoration to your home or business in accordance with the latest revision of the IICRC S500 Standard. Whether it is one room in your home or a 10-story office building, Sincerely Yours is ready to help!

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Why Choose Us?

We've been handling water damage emergencies since 1959 in the metropolitan Columbia and surrounding areas. You will find our staff knowledgeable and efficient at restoring damaged areas while following the IICRC S500 Standard. Our thermal imaging devices pinpoint hidden water damage that we can address immediately to save costly repairs later. Our team will make sure that the source of the water damage problem is found and fixed so that your property is not at risk of future damage.

What Causes Water Damage?


Effects of Water Damage

Water disasters are heavily dreaded by property owners. Heavy rains, fast melting snow, and appliance malfunctions increase the risk of water damage to homes and businesses and can cost thousands of dollars in damage. Any type of water disaster can easily turn into an extensive and expensive mold problem if the water is not cleaned up and remediated properly. Hiring a professional water damage restoration company like Sincerely Yours can minimize the extent of the damage and makes the cleanup process a lot easier to manage. 

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can happen for many reasons. Leaking dishwashers, hot water heaters, and washing machines can lead to extensive water damage. Broken/burst pipes, overflowing toilets and bathtubs, and heavy rains can cause major flooding inside the home. Roof leaks are another common cause of water damage. Basically, wherever water is involved in a home or business, there is a risk of water damage. The longer water is allowed to sit during and after a water disaster, the larger the damage becomes. Water can damage the structure of your property and your personal belongings. Starting on a water damage cleanup process right away can save items like furniture, carpet, rugs and much more.

Categories of Water Damage

Water from water disasters can pose more of a risk than just the property damage it creates. It is very important to understand where the water comes from and what type of water it is to start the cleanup and water removal. Different categories of water require different levels of safety precautions. 

Category 1 water is “clean water”. This water comes from inside water supplies like the kitchen sink or washing machine. This water poses no harm to humans and does not require the necessary safety gear to clean up and remove. 

Classes of Water Damage

Water from water disasters can also be categorized by classes one through four. If you notice any type of water disaster or damage in your home, call Columbia's water damage restoration company, Sincerely Yours, today.

Materials absorb little water, cleanup and repair is simple.

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Restoration Process

The actual restoration process that professionals use is important. The right procedures and materials are required to salvage particular items and prevent catastrophic damage to properties. Water damage restoration success relies heavily on the severity of the damage. While some areas of properties are easier to mitigate, other areas may require more extensive remediation. You should never rely on anyone but a qualified restoration company to assess the damage and determine the best course of action. 

Health Hazards

Moisture causes mold growth – which can increase the risk of serious health problems for occupants of homes and businesses. To keep your property safe and livable, be sure to contact our professional team immediately after a water disaster. Immediate water damage cleanup process can eliminate the need for mold remediation and much more costly repairs.  

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