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Mold Removal

Get rid of mold fast––call us for mold cleanup and removal. Trust our experienced team!

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Our mold removal process ensures that the source of the mold problem is found and eradicated so that it does not come back! Our professionals work securely and safely so that during the remediation process, the mold is contained and cannot become airborne and spread.

We are meticulous in the mold removal process because it is essential to act quickly and avoid the health risks and structural damage associated with indoor mold growth!

Mold can grow anywhere in a home that is providing the right type of environment. It is common to find mold on bathroom walls, ceilings, windowsills or around any leaky plumbing underneath the bathroom sinks or toilet. Though bathrooms are typically the parts of a property to experience moist humidity, this environment can be created by water leaks in walls, flooring, and even the roofing. Attics tend to pull in moisture and heat and is a common place for mold to grow. Crawlspaces and basements are major mold growth areas. Mold can spread quickly so it is imperative that the original source of the mold problem be found and restored.

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Do Not Attempt to Remove the Mold Yourself!

Trying to remove mold on walls, ceilings, or flooring is a challenging task and only resolves a very small portion of the problem. When mold starts showing on the walls or other part of your property structure, you can guarantee that there is an underlying mold problem beneath the surface. Do-it-yourself remedies will not get rid of the source of the mold and the mold problem will continue to return. There is no safe way to completely remove the mold on the walls of your home or business without the help of a licensed professional that has the skills and tools.

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