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House Fires: Sifting Through The Remains

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Fire can cause catastrophic damage to your home and livelihood. At first, the fire damage that you perceive may seem extensive and hopeless to recover. However, recovery from fire damage may include being able to salvage and clean many items within your home. Perishable items, such as food, need to be carefully inspected, as any trace of spoil or burn can be harmful to you and others living in your home.

Clothes are more easily salvaged and disinfected than perishable items. When deciding what to keep and what to discard, examine each article of clothing and remove those that contain burn marks or holes. Even when choosing to discard clothing, make sure to write down everything that has been affected. For those that you choose to keep, take note of washing instructions, and sort clothing by fabric type. Some textiles or clothes contain buttons, beading, metal, or other additions that may have been affected by the fire. These may cause future damage due to the reaction each had to the fire. Remove any articles that you do not wish to keep.

Keep all valuable paintings, jewelry, and collections for record purposes. If damaged beyond repair, record each finding and set aside to discard. Items that may be salvaged can be grouped together as well. If you?re having trouble knowing whether or not to keep or discard an item, you can ask your restorative professional if they think your item can be salvaged or not. Each specialist will know what services their company offers, and which items they can restore.

Take inventory of cash, checkbooks, medications, and personal documents. Take the necessary steps to ensure all essential information has been recorded elsewhere or kept, before discarding burnt documents. You may also choose to keep weapons and ammunition but remember to be cautious when handling such items.

Soot and ash may remain after a house fire. Such damage should be handled carefully. Avoid walking in areas where there are stains of soot. Spreading may occur if you do not cautiously avoid those areas. Call a restoration professional before attempting to remove any stains because irritation may cause worse damage if incorrectly treated. If you are constantly moving throughout your home to get your affairs in order and to take inventory of your property, lay down protective materials in areas of high traffic to prevent dirt and soot expansion.

To avoid particles blowing around or removing themselves to other areas, place breathable cloths over air vents. Many health problems such as shortness of breath, hoarseness, coughing, and eyes or skin irritants may occur when vents are not properly taken care of.

Fire damage restoration may seem easy to do yourself. However, this is often not the case. There may be places or areas that could be further damaged if a professional is not involved. Trained restoration specialists practice a specific scientific discipline to prevent hazards. Involve a professional restoration contractor from a company like Sincerely Yours to rehabilitate your home.

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