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Has Your Home Suffered From a Fire?

When your IRMO home or property suffers from

fire damage, you must be given permission to reenter your home and know that it is safe to enter. Depending on how severe the fire was, will determine how soon you are allowed to return to your home or property. When you reenter your home, you must wear protective safety gear that includes goggles, gloves, and a face mask to help ensure your safety. Wearing a respiratory system will keep the soot and ask from entering your body that could cause damage to your health.

Time is of the essence.

Once you know that your home is safe to enter, it is best to get started right away with the fire restoration process. You should open all of your windows in your home or even bring in a couple of fans. This will help with the ventilation in your home to help clear out any residual smoke and help eliminate the smoke odor in your home. This will also help give you fresh air to breathe in while working on getting your home back to normal. If you continue to run your furnace, be sure to change your filter daily until there is no soot showing in your filter. Most often, you may want to run a dehumidifier depending on the amount of water associated to put the fire out. Cleaning up and fire or smoke damage can be an arduous?process and you should have prior experience or extensive knowledge before you tackle the task. Not only can smoke and fire damage cleanup be dangerous to your health, if not completed properly if could cost you thousands of dollars to fix and mistakes that were made.

Where there’s fire there’s smoke and soot.

When you first go into your home, you will notice everything will be covered black. This black residue left after a fire is known as soot. Soot can be very dangerous to yours and your family?s health. If you breathe in soot, you are at risk of damaging your health. If you attempt to clean up soot on your own, make sure your building is properly ventilated. When it comes to cleaning soot, the first place you should begin is your walls. Most times you are able to use a vacuum cleaner to help clean most of the soot off your walls. Once your walls are cleaned, you can then begin to work on other areas of your home. However, you do not want to put off cleaning soot. The acid in the soot can eat away and deteriorate many items in your home if left to sit for too long. We highly suggest you contact a professional to perform soot removal. Don’t risk you or your family’s health.

It may seem easier and more cost effective to perform fire and smoke damage cleanup and restoration on your own, however, most of the time it is going to be more cost effective to leave it to the professionals.?The professionals have the right equipment and tools to get the job done quickly and effectively. They will make sure that your home will be returned back to new in no time for you and your family in IRMO.

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