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What to do if you have a water damage

It’s cold outside, you have prepared your home but your pipes break – what do you do?

1. Turn off your water supply — The first step is to turn off the water going into your home. Stopping the water from entering your home immediately will keep hundreds, if not thousands, of gallons of water from flooding into your home. If you have a curb key you can shut the water off at the curb. Curb keys cost around $20 and can be found at any hardware store.

If you can take pictures it is recommended you take them. ?The more pictures you can take will help you with your insurance claims.

Do not go through water to turn on/off circuit breakers the water could be electrified. Wading through water to shut off electricity is not worth the risk.

2. Call a plumber — The plumber will fix the pipe and stopping the flow of water from the burst pipe. While they fix the pipe you can remove items to a dry room and away from the water source.

3.?Call Sincerely Yours, Inc. — Call Sincerely Yours, Inc. immediately. ?We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our friendly and trained technicians will help you through the trying times.? The quicker you get the water extracted the sooner your life will be back to normal. We have experience with all insurance companies and can get you taken care of. The bottom line is we are experienced and?accredited to take?care of all?types of problems.

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