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Water Damage Over Time: How Long Does It Take For A Flood To Destroy A Home?

When it comes to water damage, every minute counts. The longer floodwater sits in your home, the more opportunity it has to soak into your carpet, walls, furniture, and so on. The distinction between the degree of water damage in minutes, hours, days, and weeks after a flood varies drastically. If your home ever floods, don?t waste a single minute before getting in touch with a professional cleaning and restoration company to help you restore the damage. We at Sincerely Yours in Columbia, South Carolina are one such company here to help you with exactly that.

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Minutes After The Flood

Things change very quickly during this stage of water damage. In fact, the damage from the flood increases significantly every minute longer it continues. This will be evident by moisture-sensitive furniture beginning to turn white and porous materials soaking in large amounts of water. If you are present while the flood is ongoing, you should stop the flow of water as soon as possible as you safely can. Even a few minutes less of water flooding into your home can make a large difference in how much damage your home sustains.

Hours After The Flood

The damage from the floodwater begins to become evident within the first few hours. This can be observed when furniture in contact with the floodwater begins to delaminate and swell. At this point, some types of furniture may even be too damaged to salvage. Another sign of water damage hours after the flood is when normal household odors are amplified by the humidity and become unusually strong. Also, dyes from non-colorfast fabrics begin to bleed.

Days After The Flood

Days after the flood, the damage can start to become very severe. If you make it a point to contact a cleaning and restoration company as soon as possible after the flood you may be able to avoid this problem altogether. Damage at this point is typically evidenced by mold beginning to appear along with its characteristic musty odor. Severe warping of wood becomes apparent. Paint blisters and wallpaper begins peeling off of the wall. Finally, wood structures begin to swell, warp, and split apart.

Weeks After The Flood

Last, the damage from weeks after a flood is very severe and should be avoided at all costs. Really, there is no good reason why this point of damage should ever be reached. If you call a cleaning and restoration company from day one, you can avoid the following consequences from happening. These include mold deeply embedding itself in the home requiring the demolition of some walls to completely remove it, severe health hazards, and possibly even a complete gutting of the structure may be necessary to fully recover from the damage.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Columbia, SC

With our 24/7 emergency response service, we at Sincerely Yours in Columbia can be right out to your home to help you with the water damage restoration process anytime day or night. That way, we can begin tackling the problem in the ?Minutes? and ?Hours? stages and minimize the overall damage to your home.

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