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Tips On Preventing Water Damage

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Water damage is not something that anyone wants to deal with. There are many factors that add up to this equation. One of these factors is that several instances of water damage happen thanks to simple human ignorance. All it takes is leaving a faucet on because you were in a rush to get ready for work in the morning. And then upon your arrival home, your entire living room has now been flooded.

Other factors dealing with water damage can happen thanks to outside sources that are not under your control. Storms are powerful figures that are unpredictable. The amount of damage done due to a storm can range anywhere from very mild, with just normal rains, to the extreme with powerful gusts of wind, coupled with intense strikes of lightning.

Many a home have been destroyed due to these incredible lightning storms and floods that have accompanied them. And if not destroyed, they have become incredibly damaged. Water is a powerful force. As strong as homes can be, they are nothing but gnats, annoying pests that are easily swept away with a wave of a hand. As stated previously, there are plenty of factors that add up to the creation of water damage. We have already discussed the power of storms and the rainwater that accompany them. Now let us discuss the factors of water damage that can happen deep within the bowels of your own home or business building.

Some of these situations that you need to be aware of are busted pipes and leaky pipes. Both of these scenarios are common enough. Leaky pipes could be due to not being put together properly. And busted pipes can happen for similar reasons including but not excluded to frozen pipes. Winter and ice harbor a dangerous combination when businesses and homes are involved. It is not uncommon for pipes to burst due to being frozen for several months.

So this leaves us with a simple question, ” What can you do to prevent water damage in your home or your business?” For starters, have your plumbing inspected by experts at least once every two years. Doing so would minimize any potential water damage in the future due to leaking and or bursting pipes. Also, by having your plumbing inspected, experts will be able to tell you how well your pipes will handle the upcoming winters.

Water damage also takes place due to a toilet or bathtub overflow. These situations can be avoided by making sure that your tubs and toilet are properly draining any excess water that is not needed. Drano is a perfect answer to make sure that your tub’s pipes are working correctly. As for your toilet, while you cannot use basic Drano here; it is recommended that instead, you use Drano Max Build-Up Removal. Doing this will help minimize leakage from your toilets and even potential sewage backups.

If you own a home with a basement, chances are it is built below ground level. This means that this section of the house is near what is called groundwater. According to, ?Groundwater is water that is naturally located below the ground?s surface. The groundwater level can be, at times, above the level of the basement floor. In some locations, groundwater can be above the level of the floor at all times. Sewers are also located in the ground. This includes all varieties ? storm, sanitary, and combined. While in most cases, sewers are below the level of the basement, the water level in the sewers can be, at times, above the level of the basement floor?. What can you do to make sure that your risks of basement flooding are minimal?

One thing you can do is keep an eye on your water bill. If you notice any unusual price jumps it could mean that you have a leak somewhere among your premises. It is also highly recommended that you be careful with what you pour down your kitchen sink. While there are plenty of components your sink can happily handle, some things like grease could cause you issues later on. For example, if you were to pour grease down your sink after an evening meal, at first nothing may happen. But sooner or later, the grease will congeal and cling to your inner pipes. This will cause blockage, and like a blockage in the arteries of the human body, if left untreated, will prove dangerous later on.

Damage by water can strike anyone at any time, and even the most proficient of preventative measures can go so far in terms of success. But when it does occur, rest assured that Sincerely Yours, Inc. have been handling water damage emergencies and cleanups since 1959. You will find that their workers are knowledgeable and efficient at restoring damaged areas while following the IICRC S500 Standard. Sincerely Yours Inc. has thermal imaging devices which pinpoint hidden water damage that they can address immediately to save costly repairs later. The team will make sure that the source of the water damage problem is found and fixed so that your property is not at risk of future damage. For 24/7 service in Irmo, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas, call (803)-714-3598.

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