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Sewage backup and you

Sewage is one of the most dangerous substances to enter homes or buildings. It contains fungi, bacteria and viruses, many of which are disease-causing. Unfortunately, many people fail to understand the hazards that sewage presents, particularly for the very young or very old, or for those with compromised immune systems or respiratory problems.

The IICRC complied guidelines for professional sewage clean-up called the Standard for Water Damage Restoration (S500).

Here are the key principles homeowners should know about sewage back-ups:

  1. Sewage contains a variety of pathogenic ? disease causing ? fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Anyone who works on sewage losses must have updated vaccinations, including one for Hepatitis B.

  2. Sewage exposure is particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, including anyone under two or over 60, those who are pregnant, ill, recovering from surgery, on prescription drugs or chemotherapy, or are AIDS victims.

  3. It is not safe to stay in a building that?s flooded with sewage unless the contaminated area can be completely sealed off and placed under controlled air flow so that there will be no cross contamination of unaffected areas.

  4. Highly absorbent sewage-saturated materials, such as carpet, pad, upholstery, bedding, wicker, paper or even fabrics that can?t be washed in hot water (130?F/54?C) for at least 10 minutes, must be contained and disposed of properly. This goes for sewage-saturated drywall, insulation and several other structural materials too. There?s simply too great a health risk involved if any of these materials are dried in place and cleaned only.

  5. Only the most highly trained professionals should attempt sewage remediation work. Then, a ?third party? indoor environmental professional can provide post-remediation verification or ?clearance testing? to ensure that the home or building is safe to re-occupy.

Sincerely Yours, Inc.’s technicians are IICRC-accredited in sewage remediation. If you have any further questions contact Sincerely Yours, Inc. today at (803) 788-5555.

(Information gathered in this post was taken from the IICRC.)

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