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Protecting Your Investment: Oriental Rugs

With rich colors, sophisticated patterns, and impeccable craftsmanship, oriental rugs are

considered by many to be valuable works of art. These hand-knotted pile rugs, commonly

woven in the Middle East and Asia, are design classics that bring a sense of history to any space.

Yet these beautiful floor coverings are exactly that – floor coverings. In a perfect world, the best

way to keep these rugs clean is to not allow them to get dirty in the first place. But over time,

rugs are bound to experience some degree of foot traffic, food or drink spills, or pet accidents.

With their value in mind, it is essential that oriental rugs receive excellent care to prolong their

life and beauty.

Oriental rugs are produced by a labor-intensive process that can take highly skilled weavers up

to a year or more to create. While you can protect your investment with routine cleaning

(vacuuming on both sides), oriental rugs still require periodic deep cleaning by experienced

professionals. Wool rugs are highly susceptible to bleeding, so extreme care must be taken

during cleanings to ensure colors don’t run and the delicate wool fibers aren’t damaged.

An Extensive Process

The trained technicians at Sincerely Yours use a multi-step process designed to maximize

efficiency and effectiveness without compromising a rug’s delicate dyes or weaves. Each rug is

thoroughly inspected to determine the appropriate cleaning method is best for your treasured

heirloom. This includes fiber identification (natural vs. synthetic), rug construction,

colorfastness, testing for pet urine and other areas that may require special attention.

Your rug is cleaned front and back using our pile lifter, a specially designed vacuum with two

separate motors. After undergoing a thorough “beating” via our RugBadger system – using

harmonic vibrations to remove soil and sediment deep within the fibers – the rug is once again

cleaned with the pile-lifter vacuum.

Rugs are then moved to the Sincerely Yours custom rug cleaning bay and processed through a

method best suited for your rug (Hot Water Extraction or Immersion are typically used for most

orientals). This stage is completed with a rinse using a centrifugal rug wringer. Sincerely Yours is

the only rug cleaner in the Columbia area with this technology. Think of it as a washing machine

rinse cycle on steroids; rugs are spun at 1400 RPMs inside a stainless-steel centrifuge to flush

out detergents and introduce clean, fresh water. Rugs are then dried by high-velocity fans in

our custom drying tower and thoroughly inspected for maximum quality control.

The safe, thorough cleaning of a rug’s surface is only part of the process. An oriental rug’s fringe

can become dirty or dingy over time, and harsh chemicals can cause irreparable damage to the

fringe’s delicate fibers. The pros at Sincerely Yours perform all fringe detailing and cleaning by

hand to ensure optimum results.

The final stage in the rug cleaning process at Sincerely Yours involves the Yorkster 500, which

massages the rug fibers with an orbital motion of 1800 oscillations per minute. This process

restores the rug to its original soft and fluffy feel and makes its vibrant colors pop. The rug is

wrapped in 100 percent virgin Kraft paper for ultimate protection, ready to be returned to its

prominent place in your home.

Trust the Experts with Your Investment

Fine oriental rugs add beauty and sophistication to any home. Protecting such a valuable asset

is critical. While routine maintenance can be easily performed, the extensive cleaning of an

oriental rug requires expertise and professionalism.

With more than 2,200 square feet of space dedicated to custom oriental rug cleaning and hand

washing, Sincerely Yours, Inc. is Columbia’s most trusted source for technical knowledge of rugs

and state-of-the-art equipment. We guarantee that your rug will be restored to its original

beauty, and its value is protected for years to come.

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