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Inside a Restorer?s Tool Kit: Repairing Your Water Damaged Home or Business

Sure, the presence of water damage can be totally stressful. No one wants to walk in the door and discover their bathtub was left running upstairs, and overflowed, sending water not only through the upstairs hallway but also into the walls and down to the first floor. And it?s likely this happened on a day when you?re running the kids to soccer, band, and dance lessons all at once, and this is the last thing you have time to handle.

However, before you let your imagination run away with you, know that a skilled cleaning and restoration company can have your home good as new in no time and can get to work quickly. Plus, they have great tools that can assess the extent of the problem quickly and address what needs to be addressed, not more, not less.

Here?s a look at what you will find inside a good restoration contractor?s tool kit:

Thermal Imaging/Infrared Camera

Just because there is visible damage, doesn?t mean a whole wall has to be ripped out. Experience restoration companies use thermal imaging/infrared cameras to help detect where there might be water damage before doing any demo. These cameras show a temperature difference within a wall.

For example, during the cooler months in South Carolina, you would expect areas in your home to be warm as the furnace runs. On the screen of the thermal imaging camera, you would see most areas of your home glow in reds and oranges. However, an area of blue indicates a cooler area which might mean water or moisture. It would also mean a draft from air outside.

A good restoration contractor will know what?s going on based on experience and training. They?ll likely pull out this next tool to help.

Moisture Meter

There are a variety of different kinds of moisture meters and accessories, but we won?t bore you with that. However, what you should know is that these handy little devices can actually read moisture levels within materials like walls, ceilings, floors, etc. There are meters that can simply be pressed up to the damp surface and give the technician a moisture reading. Similarly, some meters have a small pin that can be inserted into a wall to detect moisture in a space not visible with the naked eye.

Water Extraction & Drying Equipment

Restoration contractors use highly efficient and powerful ways to suck up all the excess water in a space. Once all the standing water is removed, dehumidifiers, fans, and other drying equipment will be brought in and strategically placed to provide optimal drying conditions for the space.

Mold Remediation Solutions

There are a variety of products out there that restoration companies can use to treat mold. Plus, there are ways of using high-powered blasting equipment to blast away the mold and damage it?s caused, without damaging the rest of the structure. Please understand that using bleach to try to get rid of mold is not enough. It might tackle the surface problem, but does not address the underlying problem which could mean more mold growth in the future.

Don?t Wait!

If you have water damage in your home or business, please don?t ignore it and hope it goes away. The longer water or moisture sits or pools in a space, the more likely it is that the material on which the water is sitting is going to be permanently damaged, and damage could spread. Mold could also grow in just a matter of days. An experienced restoration contractor like Sincerely Yours in Columbia, SC, can fix the leak and any damage the moisture may have caused.

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