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How to care for an Oriental Rug

By Jeff Lindemann Oriental rugs are known for their aged and antique look, and they are surprisingly durable. Contrary to popular belief, oriental rugs do not need to be constantly pampered as fine china might be. In fact, being worn can add to the aged look of an intricately patterned rug. However, oriental rugs do have a few enemies that will result in the rug becoming ruined. The most common enemies of oriental rugs are sunlight, moths, and water damage.

If you chose to purchase an oriental rug, then

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you know that they can be quite expensive. You want the rug to last for a long time because of the amount of money that was spent, so it is important that you create an environment that is safe for the rug. This environment includes shelter from over-exposure to sunlight. Whether naturally dyed or synthetically dyed, both types of rugs suffer equally from the sun?s harmful rays. Sunlight can cause a rug?s colors to fade and fibers to dry out. It is recommended to compare colors of the rug in one area to colors in another area to make sure that the colors are not fading. The sunlight problem can easily be prevented by keeping curtains closed or adding mylar to windows that let in large amounts of sunlight. If you have a skylight in your home, you should either move the rug to a room that does not have a skylight or add a UV filter to the skylight. It is important to keep in mind that sunlight can come into your home at different angles depending of the time of day or even the time of year. Therefore, you should place the rug in an area that is sheltered from all angles of sunlight.

The next enemies of an oriental rug are moths. Ironically, the most troublesome moths are tiny and barely discernible. These are the same moths that are found in the kitchen on food and chewing holes in clothes. However, the moths chew on rugs in their larva stage, so they look like tiny worms. Moths like to reside in areas of the rug that remain untouched. Placing the rug in a high-traffic area and vacuuming it regularly can reduce the risk of the rug containing moths. If parts the rug are covered by furniture, then it is especially important to vacuum and examine those parts every few months. When examining a rug, check the back for web-like structures. These are a huge sign moths are living in the rug.

The final enemy of an oriental rug is water damage. If water is allowed to sit in a rug, then during a 2-3 week period the rug can start to deteriorate and rot. The most common cause of water damage is accidentally spilling water when watering plants. After watering a potted plant, the pot leaks and the rug remains damp, so it is imperative that you check the rug after watering any plants that sit on top of it. Water damage can also occur when a rug is located in a basement. Aside from the moist environment that most basements have, basements also are known to have pipe leaks and a number of flooding problems. If you have spent all of the money to purchase a beautiful oriental rug, then take the time to create and maintain an environment which will keep your rug beautiful and safe for many years down the road.

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