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5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Rugs Regularly

No matter where you live, dirt and dust will always find a way to surround you. You may not realize it, but area rugs are just as important as carpets to clean. Area rugs especially can easily absorb and house these dust particles. The longer you wait to clean them, the more you allow this dust to be absorbed, the dirtier your rugs will become over time. This can not only lead to a shorter shelf life but also a decrease in the overall hygiene of your home. There are different ways to clean your rugs, whether that be hiring a qualified professional such as Sincerely Yours or cleaning them yourself, however, it is important to maintain your rugs and keep them clean. Here’s why:

Hygiene and Health

Rugs act as filters that trap dust, dirt, crumbs, germs, and other harmful agents within them. These particles will eventually attract bacteria. Bacteria, coupled with dust, dirt, and germs, can be harmful to you and your family. In most cases, vacuuming alone will not be sufficient at removing these particles from the rug. Using a steam cleaner or hiring a qualified carpet cleaner will ensure that your rugs are clean and healthy for both you and your family.

Getting Rid of Stains

When liquids or other foods get spilled on your rug, it can leave a huge stain. This can leave your rug looking less than pleasant. There are ways you can go about removing the stain yourself but if you don’t get it out as soon as possible, the stain will set in and can break down the fibers, damaging your rug. The more stains scattered throughout your rug, the more unpleasant it becomes. Cleaning them regularly will make sure they stay looking beautiful and last a long time.


Proper and regular cleaning can help to make your rug so soft you will not want to stop rubbing your feel on it. Certain types of rugs can lose their softness over time as they are walked on and spilled on, as well as absorbing the dirt and dust. The more you clean them, the more you can ensure that they stay softer longer.

Preventing Molds

Rugs can attract fungal elements and mold instantly. This is especially true for humid and cold places where these molds take aid from the warmth the rug provides them to grow. When mold forms, it can trigger skin allergies, especially in people who have sensitive skin.

Maintaining Beauty

In most cases, area rugs are a huge part of what makes your room look put together and beautiful. However, if your rug is left to sit and continue to absorb dust particles it will begin to damage all the way down to the fibers. The fibers will break down and begin to give off a frayed look. Dirty rugs also begin to lose their vibrant coloration and eventually will look less extravagant than when you first purchased them. Keeping it clean will prevent this from happening and ensure that your room looks just as beautiful and perfectly decorated as always.

If your rugs are in need of a thorough and safe cleaning contact the professional rug cleaners at Sincerely Yours Inc.!

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