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Clean Carpet, Healthy Home: Why Vacuuming & DIY Carpet Cleaning is NOT Enough

Clean Carpets Sincerely Yours

Home ownership requires a whole lot of dedication and willingness to spend money on things you may not necessarily consider ?fun.? If you?re like a lot of Americans, you probably vacuum your home relatively often to suck up pet fur, hair, dirt, and other particles before they get deeply inset into your carpet. However, even someone who vacuums every day won?t be able to get the deep down clean a professional carpet cleaning company, like Sincerely Yours in Columbia, can.

Vacuuming is NOT Enough

The Huffington Post published this article {} several years ago talking about all the reasons vacuuming is not enough. According to an interior designer who specializes in allergens, indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse in a home where the flooring, drapes, and other textiles are not regularly cleaned. It?s commonplace for people to invest in expensive air filters for their furnace, and clean their air ducts, but carpet cleaning is often left to the wayside even though it?s an affordable and effective way to keep your home healthy and allergen free. Similarly, even the most expensive, impressive vacuum from the latest infomercial won?t have the same effect as a deep down steam-cleaning with professional solutions and equipment will.

Yes, there are machines out there you can rent that claim to clean your carpet; they are nothing like the machines professionals use. Professional cleaners use steam to lift all the dust, dirt and debris from deep inside the carpet fibers. If that debris is left there, it can actually wear down the carpet over time and therefore shorten its lifespan. Similarly, those machines are not powerful enough to fully lift out all the dirt and debris. To make matters worse, the interior designer we mentioned above says you can actually make your household sick trying to clean your carpets yourself because all the moisture might not be properly extracted. That leaves a breeding ground for mold.

DIY is NOT Enough

Continuing on with the discussion of DIY techniques, there are a lot of little machines out there that claim to help you get stains out of your carpet. However, again, while these might help with stains on the surface, they probably are not reaching deep down into the fibers of the carpet. Plus, the suction to remove the water and cleaning solution may not be powerful enough to ensure there is no moisture left behind. To top it off, using the wrong cleaning solution could permanently damage your carpet.

According to The Good Housekeeping Research Institute, vacuuming or renting a carpet cleaning machine yourself may not be enough in the eyes of the carpet manufacturer. Just like furniture companies, some flooring companies actually have clauses voiding your carpet?s warranty if you do not have it professionally cleaned relatively often.

The best way to stay on top of keeping your carpet clean, and keep your home healthy, is to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly ? by the guidelines listed on your carpet warranty, or by the needs of your home. That will differ for everyone! If you have pets, every few months might be a good routine for you. Otherwise, it could be year or more in between when our techs pay you a friendly visit.

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