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Moving to a new home after 25 years is a new and bit frightening experience. I have many oriental rugs, large and small, that are a collection of our travels and memories over these many years. We are also a family of pet lovers and have had more furry friends over the years than most people could imagine and our carpets were truly a ?challenge?. However, I decided to take the plunge and get all of my rugs removed from the house and cleaned professionally for the big move. I called at least three other cleaning companies who took days to return phone calls, figure out the price and how long it would take with no guarantees on the quality of the work. My last call was to Sincerely Yours. That was because they immediately answered my questions with pleasure and commitment and guaranteed prices. I needed to look no further. Their professional staff made me feel like they really CARED about my oriental rugs, their website was amazing and explained the process that would be used in cleaning my treasured pieces. They not only beautifully restored my rugs to perfection with their cleaning process, they finished and delivered them even before the time they had originally given me. The gentlemen that picked up and returned my rugs helped me carefully figure out where in our new home they would go. The office staff called to be sure that we were totally pleased with the quality of their cleaning and everything was done to perfection. I have no need to call anyone in the future except for Sincerely Yours for the cleaning and care of my lifetime treasures. They proved themselves to us in every way. I was pleased beyond belief and their prices were very reasonable. They are the BEST!!