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Can You Prepare For A House Flood?

Floods are one of the most common, and most difficult, cleanup jobs in your home. Flood effects can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states. However, all floods are not alike. Some floods develop slowly, sometimes over a period of days, like when a hurricane is stalled over […]

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Water Damage Action Steps

If you are a native to Columbia, you are no stranger to rain? and a lot of it. Even a light drizzle can create internal water damage you neither appreciate nor anticipate. All it takes for water damage is a little water in the wrong place. Whether you are a frustrated victim of water damage from rain, a […]

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Post-Flooding Dangers

Water is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Your home can suffer flood damage for different reasons. Depending on where you are located, flooding can occur because of an overflowing river or creek, a large amount of rain over a short period of time, or a spring thaw that happens quickly. Coastal flooding […]

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Cold Weather and Water: Great for Skating, Bad for Pipes

One of the many advantages of living in the South is the temperate climate. While snow israrely seen in the Midlands, we have our share of chilly temperatures during the wintermonths. In the past 10 years, Columbia’s average low in January is 34 degrees; in February,the average low is 39 degrees.Still, from November to March, […]

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Fire restoration

The speed and ferocity of fire has a traumatizing effect on millions of Americans every year.According to the National Fire Protection Association, a structure fire is reported in the U.S.every 65 seconds. Damage or loss to one’s home and prized personal possessions is a frightening experience. While you cannot truly prepare for the devastation of a house fire, […]

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Protecting Your Investment: Oriental Rugs

With rich colors, sophisticated patterns, and impeccable craftsmanship, oriental rugs are considered by many to be valuable works of art. These hand-knotted pile rugs, commonly woven in the Middle East and Asia, are design classics that bring a sense of history to any space. Yet these beautiful floor coverings are exactly that – floor coverings. […]

After The Flood: Steps to Recovery

Flooding remains one of the most persistent natural disasters in the United States and throughout the world, causing billions of dollars in damage to homes and property each year. When floodwaters recede, the damage left behind can be devastating and present many dangers. Visible damage, however, is only part of the recovery process. What you […]

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Common problems homeowners deal with in basements.

Homeowners in the South may not be as familiar with theadvantages, and disadvantages, of having a basement. Thedamp, sandy soil found in most Southern states – especiallythose along the coast or with an abundance of wetlands –contains too much groundwater to make basements feasible.Advances in dehumidifying technology have helped turnbasements from damp, musty and moldy […]

Water leaks: Where to look and what to do

Water leaks are often inevitable, regardless of the age orcondition of your home. The smallest of leaks in pipes,appliances or fixtures – interior or exterior – can ultimatelyresult in unexpectedly high water bills or worse. Excessmoisture caused by leaks can create issues of mold, and moresevere leaks can lead to costly water damage. Homeowners canbe […]

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Common Water Damage Mistakes

Water damage can happen at any time and without any warning to your home in Columbia. Whether a pipe bursts, an appliance malfunctions, the sewage line backs up, a toilet overflows, or a nearby stream floods, a prompt response can significantly reduce the damage done to your home. However, most homeowners do not know the […]