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Water Damage Action Steps

water damage restoration columbia sc, water damage cleanup columbia scIf you are a native to Columbia, you are no stranger to rain?and a lot of it. Even a light drizzle can create internal water damage you neither appreciate nor anticipate. All it takes for water damage is a little water in the wrong place. Whether, you?re a frustrated victim of water damage from rain, a leaky faucet, or teenagers who haven?t learned to wipe up water on the floor yet, a working knowledge of how to respond to water leaks and floods will come in handy.

Safety First

Flashback to middle school science: water is a conductor of electricity. In many instances, damage points will be near electronics or an electric source. One of your first moves should be to unplug, disconnect, and turn off devices. If your incurred damage is higher-scale, you should turn off power leading to the affected areas. A good rule of thumb is to turn off the power supply if the flood rises near the bottom of electrical outlets.

Document the Damage

An often-overlooked step in cleaning up damage is to provide photographic evidence. This can help as you file a claim and receive compensation. All this requires is to pull out your phone and take a few snapshots. While this may not be your first thought, it can help in the process of assessing the damage.

Inform your Family

Those you live with are the first-line of defense for further damage. While it may be common sense to you to keep water out of the affected area, it may not be a big deal to others. It?s easy to get in the go-go-go mode and accidentally neglect the problem. It?s as easy as ?Make sure to wipe up the water on the counter after you do the dishes,? or ?Don?t forget about the soft spot on the wall over there.? Little reminders equal easier restoration.

Call the pros

Professionals have the expertise and equipment necessary to search deeper than the surface. The naked eye can catch signs of water damage, but it?s just that?a sign. There?s almost always unseen, even microscopic, pockets of moisture underneath the surface. To illustrate this, take a familiar scenario. Have you ever been perusing through your favorite magazine and stopped to look at a close-up of an everyday image? Maybe you pride yourself in your ability to accurately recognize the picture, but when you flip the page, there?s always a vivid image, blown up to full size which puts the photographic thumbnail in perspective. Water damage works much the same way. While we can see outward evidence and clearly recognize what we see as 1. Not good and 2. Slightly annoying, a long-lasting solution to the issue requires deeper inspection and an appropriate treatment. Our Columbia team at Sincerely Yours has thermal imaging devices perfectly suited to target hidden damage that will cost time and money if left untouched.

Applying these tips will help you in all water damage cases- a basement flood, structural damage, or warped flooring from standing water. Whatever your individual situation may be, Sincerely Yours is well-equipped to answer your questions, offer suggestions, and provide quality remediation.