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Protecting your home from water damage

leaky roof

If your roof leaks, or you have a water damage Sincerely Yours, Inc. - Cleaning and Restoration can help you. These easy steps can help you avoid water damage.

According to research by the Insurance Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) bursting pipes are one of the biggest risks homeowners face when temperatures drop. Their research showed a burst pipe can cause $5,000 in damages.? Fortunately there are some easy steps that can be taken to mitigate the changes of water damage occurring.

7 Steps To Prevent Water Damage

1. Know where and how to shut off your water.? Shutting off the water can save money.

2. Turn off your water supply when you are going on vacation. Most water damage happens when you?re not home.

3. Use braided supply hoses when possible. Braided hoses have a significantly longer lifespan.

4. Regularly check water supply hoses for leaks. Routine inspections help stop the problem before it starts.

5. Make sure downspouts are pointed away from your house. Keep the water from seeping into your crawlspace or slab.

6. Make sure your sprinklers are pointed away from your house. Sprinkler water can get into cracks and damage your exterior walls.

7. Clean your gutters and make sure they are securely fashioned.? Water from clogged gutters will go to the path of least resistance and sometimes into your home.

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